Monday 29 April 2019

Using a custon xUnit Theory test to load data from Solr

For one of my tests I needed the ability to be able to load JSON data taken from solr. I found the following blog entry by Andrew Lock: and extended what he did to make it work for Solr data.

In my version I am tightly coupling the attribute to a specific data model, as unfortunately there is not a generic version of the DataAttribute.

 public class ProductListJsonFileAttribute : JsonFileDataAttribute
        public ProductListJsonFileAttribute(string filePath)
            : base(filePath)

        public ProductListJsonFileAttribute(string filePath, string propertyName)
            : base(filePath, propertyName)

        public override IEnumerable<object[]> GetData(MethodInfo testMethod)
            if (testMethod == null) throw new ArgumentNullException(nameof(testMethod));

            // Get the absolute path to the JSON file
            var path = _filePath;

            if (!File.Exists(path)) throw new ArgumentException($"Could not find file at path: {path}");

            // Load the file
            var fileData = File.ReadAllText(_filePath);

            if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(_propertyName))
                return new List<object[]>{new object[]{ JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<List<ProductSearchResultsItem>>(fileData) } };

            // Only use the specified property as the data
            var allData = JObject.Parse(fileData);
            var data = allData[_propertyName];
            return new List<object[]> { new object[] { data.ToObject<List<ProductSearchResultsItem>>() } };

To use this in a test, do something like:
        [ProductListJsonFile(@".\Resources\productdata.json", "docs")]
        public void TestAttribute(List<ProductSearchResultsItem> productItems)

With the JSON file looking something like this:
  "docs": [
    {"ProductGroup": "Textured Saxony",
      "productgroup_sc": "Textured Saxony",
      "ProductInstanceID": "26605020",
      "Size": "12"},
    {"ProductGroup": "Textured Briton",
      "productgroup_sc": "Textured Briton",
      "ProductInstanceID": "26605021",
      "Size": "14"},
    {"ProductGroup": "Textured Flax",
      "productgroup_sc": "Textured Flax",
      "ProductInstanceID": "26605022",
      "Size": "16"}]

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